Thursday, October 9, 2008

Official Notice: Hiatus

As previously mentioned, the blog will be on a temporary hiatus until late November, just because I am so busy.

I will be stopping in for little tidbits here and there, but not much of anything. To make sure you find out when I stop in, and when we are re-opened, subscribe via RSS or Email. Subscription links are to the right on the sidebar.

In the mean time, please support the blog by continuing to tell others, link to the blog, buy music via the iTunes links, listen to the All Vinyl Jazz Podcast, use the jazz search and blog toolbar at , and support the equipment repair fund located at the last AVJP post. (See the tags to find it or google All Vinyl Jazz Podcast Ep. 2 Shaft Funk. that should work...)

I'll be back soon. I promise!

Have fun, and Take the 'A' Trane. (lol! i'm proud of myself. :p)

See you all then.

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