Friday, December 12, 2008


Hello everybody!!!!

I am so very happy to be back!!!!!!


Well, not even a month too late, here I am, ready to roll! OK, well my first post will be up in a bit!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Official Notice: Hiatus

As previously mentioned, the blog will be on a temporary hiatus until late November, just because I am so busy.

I will be stopping in for little tidbits here and there, but not much of anything. To make sure you find out when I stop in, and when we are re-opened, subscribe via RSS or Email. Subscription links are to the right on the sidebar.

In the mean time, please support the blog by continuing to tell others, link to the blog, buy music via the iTunes links, listen to the All Vinyl Jazz Podcast, use the jazz search and blog toolbar at , and support the equipment repair fund located at the last AVJP post. (See the tags to find it or google All Vinyl Jazz Podcast Ep. 2 Shaft Funk. that should work...)

I'll be back soon. I promise!

Have fun, and Take the 'A' Trane. (lol! i'm proud of myself. :p)

See you all then.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Techno Jazz

Woot! Techno Jazz!

Umm... first of all, sorry, sorry sorry sorry for the loooooooong delay between posts. I feel really bad about keeping you all on edge, hitting refresh 55 times waiting for my wisdom!

OK, No.

(ahahaha! get it? it's like OK, Go only it's OK, No. ahahaha! alternative music reference)

Anyways, due to how busy I am (trust me, I am REALLY busy.) I will be putting the blog on an official hiatus until mid to late november when I will resume with some more regular stuff.

So what shall you do? SUBSCRIBE! Via RSS, Via Email so you know when I'm back or when I make surprise appearances!

Anyways, I'll officially announce that later. Here's todays post:

So in helping an acquaintance of mine develop his newfound interest in jazz, I tried to find him some Techno-jazz. (cuz that's what he listens to.)

First thing that came to mind for me was Christian Prommer's Drumlesson. Christian Prommer's Drumlesson Now, in all honesty, this is just jazz covers of some club/house songs. Personally, I have never listened to the album.

Has anybody? Leave a comment.

So I dug deeper and found some other guys.

OK, OTHER people dug deeper. (There is an upside to frequenting AAJ!)

Kyle Rowland ( is really doing some techno stuff with jazz instrumentals. He was praised by several posters on the thread, so I decided to go check him out. I wasn't totally into what he's doing, but he's got some good stuff going. My favorite of the 4 tracks at the above link is Idea 3. The others are just a bit... cheesy for me. I think you could go alot deeper with this idea.

They also suggested Nils Petter Molvaer. This guy is a new favorite of mine. For the Techno Jazz stuff, check out his album Khmer Nils Petter Molvaer - Khmer . But what i found even more beautiful is his album ER. Nils Petter Molvaer - ER It's deep thinking, with a Miles Davis ambiance and Steve Reich space and deepness.

Beautiful. I'm buying it.

Well, i'm running out of time! (told you I was busy!) Hope you enjoyed one of your last bits of me for a while.


I'll officially close the blog until late november (further notice) tomorrow at 4 PM. However, I may be stopping in for bits here and there.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Track Reviews: Medeski Martin and Wood, John Ellis, JFJO, and more

OK, well besides having a nice long title, this post will be some reviews of seperate tracks I recently purchased.

First off will be John Ellis and Double Wide's "Dream Mosh" from Dance Like There's No Tomorrow

John Ellis - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow - Dream & Mosh This track has some great haunting melody and harmonies that for some reason remind me a bit of Weather Report. Right at the beginning there's a evil riff over a heavy beat, then when Ellis comes in on sax, the whole thing reverts to the main groove, the drummer taking over a quiet but driving and fast beat. Matt Perine's sousaphone takes over the bassline which fits very nicely with the haunting in/out chords on organ played by Gary Versace. Overall, it's great instrumentation and even better playing and writing.

"Uninvisible"- Medeski, Martin, and Wood Medeski, Martin & Wood - Uninvisible - Uninvisible Echo-y horns and ambient noise are taken over after 5 seconds by a synth bass bassline which soon after leads into the song, where Medeski immediatley takes the "melody" (if you can define one throughout the song). After a minute, we get intervention from some funky horn playing, then back to the organ solo. By the end of the song, all that's left is that ambient noise and the horns.

"I Wanna Ride You"- Medeski, Martin, and Wood Medeski, Martin & Wood - Uninvisible - I Wanna Ride You After a bluesy keyboard solo (with just a hint of pitch bend at the end), we get into the groove which is unrelentingly funky. The whole song finds it's way back to the chorus every once in a while which is a great riff and the constantly descending bassline makes it all the funkier. In fact, this is like Jazz-Based Sampledelic Groove Funk without the samples.

And finally...

"Fables of Faubus" by Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - The Sameness of Difference - Fables of Faubus This is one of my favorite songs, and one of my favorite versions of the song. Living up to their usual antics, strangeness, and experimentation, JFJO sneaks it's way through the song. Expect half-time, hillbilly cartoon riffs, and what not.

Alritey then. Have a great day, and maybe I'll show up again later!

Everything jazz: September Issue

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Podcast Ep.2: Shaft Funk 1/4!

Guess what?

EPISODE 2 IS HERE! Check it out at

Sorry no embed, but I have important things to talk about here.....


Now, worst case scenario, I have enough imported material to do another 3 shows or so, if you don't mind hearing stuff from the same albums. And then maybe next spring the show could restart, but I really don't want to wait that long.

Jazz musicians don't have money (lol!) so I don't expect you guys to pay me anything, but here are some easy AND FREE (or almost) ways to help:

Sign up for a free UNLIMITED trial:™ UNLIMITED - Try it Free for 10 days!

If 4-5 people do this, then we're set, awesome, move on.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rants: The State of Jazz

Here's a rant about anything and everything.

First of all, this McDonalds ad:

"Now we don't have to listen to jazz anymore!"

Not only is that insulting, but it shows just what kind of a state jazz is in the public mind. I once heard bassist Moppa Elliot talking about what he calls the "Starbucks Effect", which is that when people hear Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, those cats, the first thing that comes to mind is "Oh, that's great background music!" I'd love starbucks to sell A Love Supreme, and people thinking "Hey he's great!" will buy it and say, " WHAT IS THIS???!!!!"

Kenny Werner talked about it in his book Effortless Mastery (which is an amazing book). He said that at the beach, birds may be squeaking all out of key, and dogs barking out of time along side, and the waves behind this all, and people would say, "Hey! That's beautiful!". Yet when people do the same thing with instruments they call it garbage, because their brain is telling them, "This is supposed to be music!"

And in the midst of all this, good 'ol Alan Kurtz over at is talking about whether jazz is more popular then democracy! (read the post here, , then comment away!)

Of course, Kurtz bases his results on "communities". I didn't even know such a thing existed. Tomorrow I begin my study on "Is jazz more popular than hip-hop with today's teens?" which will be based on the possible mail-in opinions of McDonalds Mailing List receivers.

My point exactly.

Just a little note, coming up on September 30th at 6:00 AM exactly, our first issue of Everything jazz will be up!

Also, I will get to make a compilation with ARR-ELL records for sale on so I'll post and review when it's up!

Stay tuned for randomness!