Saturday, September 20, 2008

17th Princeton JazzFeast

As always, the JazzFeast was amazing. The weather was great, the food was amazing, and the music was even better.

(and of course I stopped at the PREX table and bought "Right Now"-Charles Mingus and some Dial jam sessions with Charlie Parker and tons of other sax all-stars on vinyl. Then I went to the PREX store and got SHAFT on vinyl! Genius! Album reviews will be following!)

First on was Alan Dale and the New Legacy Jazz Band with Beth MacDonald. Dale added some rack/power toms to his set which I thought was a daring move, especially seeing as 60% of people attending for the jazz were traditionalists. But as always, the band swung like crazy. Today was the release date for a new Peggy Lee tribute CD of theirs so they did Fever and such. Dale was cracking jokes the whole time too.

Skipping down to Harry Allen, he appeared with Bill Easely who is absolutely phenomenal (coincidentally I was just reading about him in DownBeat). The whole set was great and Easely's solos were just insane.

Ed Polcer appeared with a usual gang of bandmates and they played some traditional stuff.

The Princeton University Jazztet was closing the show with usuals Allison Wood and the graduated Julia Brav. (Wood will be included in a sextet traveling to Sweden including Kevin Laskey on drums) They played tunes like In a Sentimental Mood and other standards.

All in all it was a great day, and I had an awesome time. Anybody else attend? Write what you thought in the comments!

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