Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bite-Sized Survival: Sunday Edition: I AM ALIVE!!!


lol, Sorry for the long lapse in posts. I've just been real busy and am finally back to write some more!

First of all, starting this Tuesday (?) I'm going to begin scheduling the Jazz Birthdays post on Wednesdays so you can get your fix.

Secondly, one reader took the effort to post a list of his 5 songs that got him into jazz in the comments, so please don't make his efforts wasted! Go to the comments for the "5 Songs that Got Me Into Jazz" post and give me your list! I promise to post them if you share them!

Thirdly, I was wondering how many of you were musicians and how many were just jazz lovers? I'm thinking about writing some musician-related stuff such as transcriptions but wanted to know if a lot of my readers were just jazz listeners first... so PLEASE GO TO THE COMMENTS AND TELL ME!!!!!!

If anyone noticed I'm in's best jazz links of the week again....

OK, that's enough for now, and PLEASE COMMENT! Maybe i'll be back for round 2 later today.


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