Monday, September 1, 2008

Quick Bite: Jazz Web Tools

Here's a quick bite.

Survival of the Cool presents JAZZ WEB TOOLS:

To launch the site we have two tools for you. First is a jazz search, powered by Google. You can enter any search term and only results from jazz sites will come up. If you want your site or blog included, you can read there for more info.

Secondly is an even BETTER feature! the SURVIVAL OF THE COOL WEB TOOLBAR!!!! It's got an easy link to the site, other links, WEB RADIO, news ticker, RSS feeds, and more.

Everything you need for a jazz fix! You can get it at the Jazz Web Tools site or here at

Sorry for all the caps, folks. I'm just a bit overexcited.

No more energy drinks for me.....


bamboo said...

I like the What's I'm Listening to Link. thanks~

jazzfreak11 said...

yeah, i'll try to update that every once in a while.