Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Randomness: Toolbar, Upcoming Posts

Here's some total randomness, followed by a real post.

Toolbar Update: (1.5.0) UPDATES:

  • Jazz links section beginning under Site Links.
  • Improved News Ticker
  • Gadgets such as calculator, todo, notes, wikipedia search, FloodIt, YouTube top 10, unit converter, and option to get more!
  • "Jazz Chat" available only to toolbar owners!
  • Improved search including dictionary, encyclopedia, images, news, shopping, etc.

It's FREE, SAFE, and if you already have the toolbar: No need to redownload, it'll update automagically!

If you don't have the toolbar, then get it and support Survival of the Cool: http://survivalofthecool.ourtoolbar.com and at Jazz Web Tools: http://freewebs.com/jazztools

Starting this Friday, I will no longer be able to post on Fridays or Wednesdays. Mondays and Tuesdays are also iffy, but I'll start listing Jazz Birthdays this week on Tuesday so you're guarenteed a jazz fix.

That should be it for now.......

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